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About us

About Chocolate Index

We are Jill and Anders and are the writers and creators of this blog. The aim with this project is to expand this blog in the future to a big chocolate portal – an index (a systematic catalog describing the items of a collection) where you can find everything: a database of chocolate bars from around the world, chocolate shops, links, forum, event calendar, recipes and much more. We hope that you and other visitors can help us fill the portal with content if we create the foundation. But for now we start slowly with just a blog and we will go from there…

Picture of Jill


I am really interested in chocolate – in all its forms, not just for eating. But it is not my only interest. I also enjoy crafts, board gaming, photoshopping, reading, travelling, watching movies etc. I work as a web designer/ graphic designer, but I also have a background in molecular biology. All this will influence the content of this blog.

Favorite pralin: Passion fruit

Picture of Anders


My main interests in chocolate is cooking, baking and eating it. My speciality is a fabulous chocolate mousse. I enjoy travelling and trying new (and old) ways of using chocolate. We have for example tested the old way of Mayan hot chocolate while staying with maya indians in Belize.

Favorite pralin: Nougat and Rum

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