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Monkey cake and giraffe cookies

Monkey cake and giraffe cookies
17 Apr, 2012
Last Sunday it was the third birthday of my youngest son. It was celebrated with an animal themed birthday party. So of course the cake and cookies also were animal themed. And with chocolate! Here are the recipes so you can try them.

Chocolate marmelade doesn´t go well with waffles

Chocolate marmelade
25 Mar, 2012
Today is waffle day in Sweden. We put our energy into making a chocolate marmalade to accompany the waffles. It was certainly tasty, but we failed with the texture. It was almost impossible to smear on the waffles. Also, it was way too sweet to use on the waffles. You should try making some chocolate marmalade on your own, but use it on something else.

Cocoa pasta without cocoa flavor

21 Nov, 2011
Does chocolate pasta sound delicious? It was, but it did not taste anything of chocolate. The good taste might have been due to the sauce...


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