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Easter chocolates for grown ups and kids

04 Apr, 2012
There are plenty of chocolate makers that sells Easter chocolates of good quality. You can find eggs filled with truffles, chocolate bunnies, praline eggs, chocolate chickens and chocolate covered marshmallows.

Baratti E Milano - Extra Fondente 70 %

Baratti E Milano Extra fondente-1
17 Nov, 2011
This chocolate bar from Italy was ok. The judgments varied from average to a little bit above average.

5 chocolate shops in Mall of America

Mall of America
15 Nov, 2011
Mall of America is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. All chocolate shops there sold only chocolates from their own brand. They were more focused on pralines than chocolate bars. The pralines were OK, but not fantastic.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate - nothing special

Hot Chocolate at Starbucks
09 Nov, 2011
Starbucks Hot Chocolate is nothing special for a chocoholic. It is better suited as a beverage for children.

Kalev - Estonian quality?

Pralines and marzipan from Kalev
07 Nov, 2011
Kalev is the Estonian brand which is considered to be best quality. We have visited two of their shops in Tallinn to find out what we think. After trying their marzipan and their handmade pralines we are not so sure. However the marzipan looks amazing.


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