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Fizzy chocolate water. Yuck!

fizzy chocolate shake spring water
13 Jun, 2013
This season the swedish mineral water company Loka has been flirting with the 50s. But it´s no succcess. To drink carbonated chocolate is really terrible.

Chocolate of the day: Hot Chocolate tea

Hot Chocolate Tea
19 Nov, 2011
I started the day with a cup of chocolate tea for breakfast. It did wonders for my sore throat.

Vana Tallinn Chocolate Creme

Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream
18 Nov, 2011
Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream is a tasty chocolate liqueur that reminded us of Baileys. The liqueur is suitable to drink with coffee, pour over ice cream or as it is; without anything else.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate - nothing special

Hot Chocolate at Starbucks
09 Nov, 2011
Starbucks Hot Chocolate is nothing special for a chocoholic. It is better suited as a beverage for children.


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