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Eurovision Song Contest and chocolate

Eurovision Song Contest and chocolate
21 May, 2012
I have found 4 examples of music with a connection to chocolate among previous participants.

7 chocolate songs (part 4)

7 chocolate songs part 4
09 May, 2012
Among the chocolate songs this time there is music from Southpark, latin, rock and rap. Among the artist you can find 4 Non Blondes, Lil Jon, Hayes Isaac, Shanice, Alex e Alex and more.

7 chocolate songs (part 3)

7 chocolate songs (part 3)
11 Apr, 2012
Here are even more chocolate songs. This time there will be both carneval and hard rock, with artists like Emilia, Danko Jones, Snow Patrol, One EskimO etc.

7 chocolate songs (part 2)

Chocolate music part 2
28 Mar, 2012
This time I will give you chocolate music in german, spanish and english. Mostly slow music with a few exeptions. Kylie Minouge, Russel Crowe, Trude Herr, Rufus Wainwright, Wood Brothers among others. Some songs are actually really good.

7 chocolate songs (part 1)

7 chocolate songs (part 1)
13 Mar, 2012
There is chocolate music for everyone. I have found songs in totally different genres. In this post you can find folk music, heavy metal, latino, pop, country and japanese pop. Listen for yourself if there is anything you like.


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