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Kalev - Estonian quality?

Pralines and marzipan from Kalev
07 Nov, 2011
Kalev is the Estonian brand which is considered to be best quality. We have visited two of their shops in Tallinn to find out what we think. After trying their marzipan and their handmade pralines we are not so sure. However the marzipan looks amazing.

Pralines from Daskalidés is nothing for me

pistachio praline from daskalides
29 Oct, 2011
I have tried two different pralines from Daskalidés. The quality was lower than I had expected. Not in my taste.

The Praline of the year 2011 in Sweden

praline of the year 2011 in Sweden-finalist
25 Oct, 2011
The winner this year in the competition the Praline of the Year in Sweden, was Jenny Roshage. I have tried one of the other finalist pralines.

Pralines from POCK - Stockholm

Pralines from POCK- Sweden
24 Oct, 2011
Per Olsson choklad och Konditori in Stockholm, Sweden are using carefully selected ingredients. You can tell that the chocolate for their pralines is high quality. The pralines I have tried are definitely above average, but there are no real top scores even if it is close.

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