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7 chocolate songs (part 2)

This time I will give you chocolate music in german, spanish and english. Mostly slow music with a few exeptions. Kylie Minouge, Russel Crowe, Trude Herr, Rufus Wainwright, Wood Brothers among others. Some songs are actually really good.

I have found chocolate music enough for even more blog posts. More will follow.

Here is part 1

The chocolate songs are in a random order. Do you know of any more? Write a commment to let me know.

1. Ich will keine Schokolade -Trude Herr


2. Chocolate Kylie Minogue


3. Chocolate on My Tongue - Wood Brothers


4. ChocolateJesse & Joy


5. You Treat Me Like Chocolate- 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (med Russel Crowe)


6. Cigarettes and chocolate milk – Rufus Wainwright


7. Death by chocolate – Sia

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