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Fizzy chocolate water. Yuck!

This season the swedish mineral water company Loka has been flirting with the 50s. But itīs no succcess. To drink carbonated chocolate is really terrible.

Chocolate shake LokaLoka "likes old school Chocolate Shake" made from healthy Swedish spring water is disgusting. I have thought of Loka spring water as a fresh thirst quenching drink. This is not the case this time. I wonder what they though of when they invented this? The taste is unsavoury and I couldn´t finish it even if it was really hot outside and I was very thirsty. Even though I am a chocoholic I would never drink this muck again.

 I tried something similar before in Belize. We stayed a couple of days in a Mayan village and got to try real original drinking chocolate. It was a cold drink made of water and (probably) unroasted cocoa beans. It wasn´t carbonated, but it wasn´t any good either. At least it was interesting to try.

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